Convenience Plan


  • The lowest price available.
  • Priority fulfillment.
  • Never run out of product. Have confidence that your monthly supply will arrive around the same date every month. No need to call or go online to place an order for that month’s supply.
  • Convenience Plan customers may periodically receive special offers or free gifts.


  • You must abide by all the rules of the Convenience Plan in order to receive its benefits.
  • Convenience Plan prices subject to change at any time. Current Convenience Plan participants are guaranteed the same pricing for 3 years from start date of the plan.
  • You may cancel your Convenience Plan at any time. You MUST cancel your Convenience Plan at least 3 days before the Convenience Plan ship date in order for you to be assured that your credit card will not be billed for that month’s Convenience Plan. If you cancel at any time, for any reason, you can resume, but will do so at the current Convenience Plan pricing.
  • If your Convenience Plan lapses due to credit card authorization failure, your new Convenience Plan will start at current Convenience Plan pricing and your 3-year price lock-in will start over.
  • All Convenience Plans are subject to change in product. If at any time we reformulate a product, your Convenience Plan will be substituted with the new product. If at any time we discontinue a product, your Convenience Plan can be translated to an equivalent product or cancelled.
  • Currently there is no limit to the number of Convenience Plans allowed per household. We reserve the right to change that at any time.
  • There are no refunds for Convenience Plan purchases. We recommend that no one goes on our Convenience Plan program until after they have taken the product for a month and know it is the right product for them, there is no reason anyone should want to return any unused product.
  • Items offered “on sale”, “bonus size packages” or in any “promotional programs” are not eligible to be placed on a Convenience Plan.
  • Coupon codes may not be used on Convenience Plan items.
  • In approving the set up of your Convenience Plan, you are agreeing to the rules of the Convenience Plan.
  • Free Shipping is available for continental US addresses only. Items will be shipped via ground service and will be delivered in 7 – 10 business days.
  • Cancellation of automatic orders due to declined, disputed or returned payments – may be subject to additional fees and penalties.
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