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  • Cunermuspir: Our key ingredient, defined:
  • Cunermuspir is a coined word for our patented, one of a kind complex for optimal neuromuscular health.
  • Cu= chemical symbol for Copper, ner=neuro, mus=muscle, pir=spirit
  • Thus, “Cunermuspir” stands for a copper B3 chelate complex (copper chelated with, or surrounded by, Vitamin B3), a term which you will see in most of the product descriptions below.
  • MitoSynergy’s focus is to help the body help itself by feeding Cunermuspir to the cells to support the mitochondria in synthesizing ATP. The combination of our blends with Cunermuspir may help where other nutritional supplements have failed. Once you try MitoSynergy, you will want to share the results with your friends. MitoSynergy Advanced is our Signature all-in-one neuromuscular health supplement.
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**Now available for sale to Canada!**



Product Description

MitoSynergy Advanced: for optimal neuromuscular health with our patented, one of a kind Cunermuspir. Additional components in MitoSynergy help to improve the quality of life and are essential to neuromuscular health.

Understanding Copper
Download Suggested Protocol
Suggested Protocol Download
Copper Comparison Sheet
Copper Comparison Sheet
Analysis of the Need for a Copper (I) Supplement Pill
Analysis of the Need for a Copper (I) Supplement Pill
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