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MitoSynergy Original Formula with Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>MitoSynergy Original Formula with Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>
MitoActivator Original Formula Convenience PlanMitoActivator Original Formula Convenience Plan
MitoActivator LDS with Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>MitoActivator LDS with Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>
MitoActivator LDS Convenience PlanMitoActivator LDS Convenience Plan
MitoActivator EX with Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>MitoActivator EX with Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>
BioCopper1 (Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>)  -  One gram with dosing spoonBioCopper1 (Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>)  -  One gram with dosing spoon
MitoCopper Moisturizing Cream with Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>MitoCopper Moisturizing Cream with Cunermuspir<sup>TM</sup>
Save $72.50Immune SynergyImmune Synergy
Immune Synergy Sale price$25.50 Regular price$98.00
MitoCopper Moisturizing Cream  Convenience PlanMitoCopper Moisturizing Cream  Convenience Plan

Which product should I start with?

Sensitive users should start here and work up

MitoActivator LDS

100 mcg


When you are comfortable at 3 doses of LDS per day, we recommend you move to regular MitoSynergy Original, starting with 1 and working up to 2 a day.

Take after working up your LDS dose or start here if you are less sensitive.

MitoSynergy Original

243 mcg


When you’ve reached 2 a day of MitoSynergy Original, we recommend moving up to MitoActivator Extra Strength.

Most people take this

Extra Strength

500 mcg


Start with 1 and working up 2 a day.

MAX is for maximum anti-aging including reduction of grey hair†

MitoActivator MAX

4000 mcg


Coming Soon!!!

MitoAdvanced is our multi-nutrient complex for optimum anti-aging effect.† 


2000 mcg


We recommend taking MitoAdvanced if you are looking for multivitamin with Mitochondrial support. Start with 1 a day and work your way up to 4 a day.