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Analysis of the Need for a Copper (I) Supplement

George J Brewer, M.D, Sellner Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics, Emeritus Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, MI



When I started MitoActivator, it was initially to clear a viral stress, later my doctor said, “I want you to keep taking it, now for cardiovascular health.” I had been really tired and pretty weak. There's no question that my energy and everything increased so that I felt normal again. I'm a completely different person and I don't want to go back. 


I’ve only been using Mitosynergy for a fortnight. In that time my skin tone has noticeably improved. My hands and knuckles feel a lot smoother and the wrinkles around my eyes are less obvious. I’m looking forward to getting up to a full dose!


I have tried all the meds big pharma has, and never got relief, as soon as I started your products I have felt better than ever, no more pain, love these products. I have told everyone I know of these products and how wonderful they work


Mitosynergy gives me a lot of energy. The moment I stop taking it, I can feel a huge decline in my energy levels compared to when I am taking it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for better mental clarity or increased energy!!